Robert Hardy is a British artist living and working in London.

Born 1952 in Salford in the north west of England, he received a BA from North Staffs Polytechnic (1974) and an MA from Chelsea School of Art (1975).

His recent work is mostly small in scale and is presented as a continuous series of related pieces. These repeated motifs are created in different media on a range of surfaces. Each individual work features an Angel either singly or with other compositional elements. These may include buildings, figures, objects, landscape features or geometric structures. If colour is applied, it is usually in flat abstract blocks with little or no outline or impasto. Drawing is also an important activity for Hardy and his drawings are often created on recycled paper or card so as to retain “the history of the surface”. For the artist, making such work is a continuing journey towards realising greater simplification and clarity of vision.

In Mediterranean countries there is an ancient folk tradition of offering small votive paintings in gratitude and thanksgiving for good fortune. This has informed and influenced Hardy’s own artistic practice. Art, for him, is a means of accessing the invisible. His Angels are both personal and archetypal. As celestial beings, they represent a protecting and guardian presence in a troubled world.

For Hardy, a painting may also become a way of retaining a connection with situations and places that hold special memories and meaning in his own life story. Each Angel acts as a talisman of hope and a bringer of joy.

From 1976 to 2012 Hardy worked as a teacher in schools and colleges during which time he was profoundly influenced by the ‘innocent’ eye of children and young adults.